Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Remembering Pat Tillman

The world was changed forever on 9/11/01. One man that took action was Pat Tillman. If you do not know the story of Pat, you should definitely watch the video and Google him. Pat Tillman is an American hero, along with the rest of the soldiers that risk their lives daily to keep us free.

On Saturday, take a moment, and pray ( or just reflect if you do not believe in prayer) on what these soldiers do daily to protect us here at home. If you see a soldier, you should thank him for every thing he has done for this country, regardless if you believe in the wars.

RIP Pat Tillman


  1. I just wiki'd the guy and that's a terrible way for him to have died.

    And on top of that, trying to use his death as a propoganda stunt? Unbelievable...